// The story behind the product

Written June 4, 2020

Rungutan is the first API Load Testing SaaS Platform, 100% serverless, API driven, finally available for SMBs. Rungutan helps you simulate workflows to emulate user experience, so it is easier to design workflow-oriented test strategies. With our platform, you will know all the time how many users your platform supports and what to do in case of fluctuations. Most importantly, you will finally be able to test only some segments of the platform, defining the tests exactly for your customers’ behaviour.

Rungutan is created by NETBEARS, an AWS certified company with over 3 years’ experience on the global market. We deliver DevOps-as-a-Service, outstanding customer care and 24/7 availability in terms of customer support and consultancy.

The inspiration for creating our first product, came from our customers’ challenges. We like to make everything simplified, easy to use and re-use and we do not like to waste our time or theirs.

The story of Rungutan begins, as in many other early-stage startups, with a CTO in search of a less time-consuming and more efficient technical Load Testing solution for its clients, when he realized the product he needed did not exist. This was our case as well and that CTO was actually our CTO, Marius, when he decided to build his own Load Testing platform. We started working for Rungutan in September 2019 and after 9 months, we are finally ready for its Official Launch into the world.

The road was rocky and paved with many roadmap changes in terms of what the product should look like and what the business model should be.

We started with an idea, then with an MVP tested for 1 month all around the internet, on professional platforms, libraries, old clients, connections and tech communities. We gathered 50 users that tested our solution, 1600 tests and 12 testimonials. With these results we decided to go public and last year, in September, we participated at Startup Spinner Makeathon 2019, by Rubik HUB and pitched our idea.

After one weekend, many talks with mentors, other teams and jury members, after 2 pitches, we’ve managed to win the 2nd prize and the chance to have an expo booth at TechCrunch Disrupt, Berlin 2019.

The Romanian Pavilion participating there gathered 17 startups, that had the opportunity to showcase their products alongside those of hundreds of other startups, attend the Battlefield Startup competition and take part in workshops and networking sessions with investors and other founders.  Needless to say how important these experiences are for an early-stage startup, how valuable are the connections built along the way with VCs, other founders and the startups community as a whole. This encouraged us to go further with building Rungutan and with creating buzz around what we do.

Photo source: Startupsnthecity.com

Next in line was the Innovation Labs Hachathon – Iasi Edition, where we managed to be selected alongside with other 7 more startups, for the Innovation Labs National Pre-Accelerator that goes on till October.

This experience taught us the value of being open, vulnerable and willing to learn from others. We would like to thank all trainers and mentors that offered us insights, all teams that made this learning process more fun for all of us, and most importantly, to the Innovation Labs team for making all this possible.

We love talking about what we do, so this April we decided to pitch for Demo Nights Iasi, by How to Web and FabLab Iasi, even though the product was still work in progress. It was a great surprise for us to win the Best Innovation Startup Prize, so we still cannot express what a great experience it was for us.

After 9 month of hard work, we are finally ready to say: Welcome, Rungutan – Fastest Load Tester in the Jungle!

These are only a few of the milestones we achieved these past months. Behind the pitches are countless hours of planning, coding, researching, preparing, learning, testing, connecting, only a few hours of sleeping and A LOT of enthusiasm, hope and a wish to make a difference.

After all these, everything that really matters is the value we bring to clients, to partner companies that already started testing the platform in Beta version. Those are the actual successful stories that are worth to be mentioned:

“Load testing like it should be: straight forward setup, meaningful output, easy yet powerful CLI tool, low price tag. Awesome!” - Wolfgang Braun, CEO Funktionslust GMBH

“We had been searching for a while for a service which we could rely upon to replicate & test our user flows and I can say for certain that finding Rungutan has helped us step up our load testing to banana levels. All this through a clear UI & API while having close to no limits on the testing power, who does not want that? Add to this the stellar support from the Rungutan team and you get yourself a service you can rely upon during the hardest as well as calmest waters.” - Alex-Gala Popescu, CoFounder Pago