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Rungutan PaaS

Rungutan PaaS is your own Load Testing platform capable of running the entire Performance Testing suite.

Due to its advanced and flexible design, the Serverless technology behind the Rungutan platform can help organizations simulate application traffic spikes up to the point of orchestrating Distributed Denial of Service cyber-attacks while offering real-time reports with 1-second granularity of data.

The Rungutan PaaS version of the platform has been designed so that it caters specifically to the needs of the customer for which it is intended towards, providing therefore 100% data security and integrity.

Upon deployment of the Rungutan PaaS software platform, the customer may decide upon the following:

  • Datacenter location to store data (e.g., US or EU)
  • Authentication methods and policies for its employees and contractors
  • Single Sign-On integrations with existing customer platforms
  • Administrative organizational UI to monitor stats for teams, users and tests
  • Granular level audit log of all user actions
  • Network tunneling capabilities between customer’s and platform’s endpoints
  • Ability to generate tests routed through the Internet or through the network tunnel
  • Full ownership of data stored
  • Platinum-level support through dedicated development team
  • Custom membership permission matrix
  • Advanced alerting system based on failures and response times to custom channels
  • Custom development as requested by the customer

All the features mentioned above are on top of the existing standard Rungutan offering:

  • CLI support for all platform tasks
  • API support for all platform tasks
  • Schedulable tests
  • Full CI/CD integration with virtually any such system
  • Granular 1-second level report resolution for all test graphs
  • Configuration management
  • Secret management

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