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run tests as far as you can reach with rungutan

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Why run with rungutan

You simulate workflows

Design workflow oriented strategies

With sophisticated yet witty tools, a Rungutan is always prepared for what nature brings. Learning from this behaviour, our platform helps you simulate workflows to emulate user experience. User's nature will never surprise you again!

You connect

Share results with your team members and define test-cases together

Rungutans love spending time and working by themselves, but as many IT professionals, they have to socialize from time to time and show their wins. With this platform you can do that as well!

You monitor

Schedule cron jobs to run against your platform regularly, for all-time awareness

These creatures always have each other's back. They've developed multiple exercises in order to always be prepared in case of trouble. You can now do the same!

You reach more, faster

Reach up to 10.000.000 requests/minute in 15 concurrent regions

This species is more evolved than any other primates. It's the first one who can actually Run. Why so? Because due to its flexibility and simple design, can reach up to 10.000.000 requests/minute.


Get whatever Rungutan subscription fits your needs


per month paid annually or

Designed for DevOps, Developers, Testers&QAs who work in multiple projects and concentrate on BAU Load Testing and reporting

Team members 5
Total credits per month 100
Max virtual users simulated per second 1250
Concurrent region simulation 5
Threads in each region 10
Steps in workflow 5
Saved templates 10
Saved vault items 10
CSV files 10
Certificate files 10
Upload file system 10
Maximum run time 600 seconds
Data retention 30 days
Cron jobs 1
7 Days Free

Startup & Scaleup

per month paid annually or

Designed for small and medium sized businesses concentrating their efforts on major releases and infrastructure scalability

Team members 10
Total credits per month 1.000
Max virtual users simulated per second 12500
Concurrent region simulation 10
Threads in each region 50
Steps in workflow 10
Saved templates 30
Saved vault items 30
CSV files 30
Certificate files 30
Upload file system 30
Maximum run time 1.800 seconds
Data retention 60 days
Cron jobs 5
7 Days Free


per month paid annually or

Optimized for large Enterprises with cross-regional Performance Testing teams, for BAU Load Testing, chaos engineering, cyber attack simulations

Team members 30
Total credits per month 10.000
Max virtual users simulated per second 37500
Concurrent region simulation 15
Threads in each region 100
Steps in workflow 15
Saved templates 90
Saved vault items 90
CSV files 90
Certificate files 90
Upload file system 90
Maximum run time 3.600 seconds
Data retention 90 days
Cron jobs 10
7 Days Free

For reaching 1 Million or more virtual users, ulimited access for your organization and more run time get a Customised Plan

Straight from the client's mouth

“We had been searching for a while for a service which we could rely upon to replicate & test our user flows and I can say for certain that finding Rungutan has helped us step up our load testing to banana levels. All this through a clear UI & API while having close to no limits on the testing power, who doesn't want that? Add to this the stellar support from the Rungutan team and you get yourself a service you can rely upon during the hardest as well as calmest waters.”

Alex-Gala Popescu, CoFounder - Pago

“Load testing like it should be: straight forward setup, meaningful output, easy yet powerful CLI tool, low price tag. Awesome!”

Wolfgang Braun, CEO - Funktionslust Digital