We've created Rungutan to save lives. Lives wasted with other performance testing tools.

// Rungutan is the first Load Testing Tool 100% Serverless, API driven, accessible for all tech professionals.

Rungutan is an evolved creature, with extensive Load-Testing abilities, gained by experience, in order to survive in a fast-paced environment. Load Testing is its first language, so you will get along very well. Here are some basic expressions describing Rungutan's main features:

Solitary but social = Connect

Rungutans love spending time and working by themselves, but as many IT professionals, they have to socialize from time to time and show their wins. With this platform, you can do that as well! Share results with your team members and define test-cases together!

Always aware = Monitor

These creatures always have each other's back. They've developed multiple exercises in order to always be prepared in case of trouble. You can now do the same! Schedule cron jobs to run against your platform regularly, for all-time awareness.

Fastest in the jungle = Save time

This species is highly evolved than any other primates. The first one who can actually Run. Why so? Because due to its flexibility and simple design, can reach up to 16.000 requests/second. That's 1.000.000 (yes, 1 million) requests/minute.

Develop bananas tool kits = Simulate workflows

With sophisticated yet witty tools, an Rungutan is always prepared for what nature brings. Learning from this behavior, our platform helps you simulate workflows to emulate user experience, so it's easier to design workflow oriented strategies. User's nature will never surprise you again!

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