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Written on January the 27th, 2021

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I’d like your approval for sharing with you and the team, some useful facts about how a better Performance Testing solution would meet more current business requirements.

I’ve recently discovered Rungutan on GitHub, a solution that was self-proclaimed as “faster than BlazeMeter” and “a SaaS Jmeter on Cloud”. I thought of course, it’s just marketing, but since it offered a 14-day Free Trial, I decided to give it a go. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

  • I’ve only had to spend 5 minutes to watch their platform demos and understand the documentation.
  • It took me just another 5 minutes to run the needed test for our project. Usually that takes me about 2 hours, as I have to write the tests in Jmeter so that I can run them in BlazeMeter
  • They offer 24/7 support.
  • Their pricing is especially designed for SMEs and Scaleups, so we would pay less than our current solution.

Use Case 1: Business as Usual Load Testing

For day-to-day releases and code updates, Rungutan would help us prevent platform failures by integrating it in our CI/CD pipelines to test our API performance after every deployment.

This is why a solution like Rungutan that runs a few API calls at each release combined with a Performance Monitoring solution (e.g., Sentry / NewRelic / Dynatrace) could give us some very valuable insights about the platform with the least effort invested.

They’ve already helped other companies optimize their infrastructure costs with almost 40% and improve their API response times.

Use Case 2: Load Testing as part of Chaos Engineering

We could use it to prepare for important releases and any major future events that might cause disruptive effects on our side, such as our Black Friday Sales or new feature release of our app.

Offering a service faster than the competition (or equally fast) is as important in the digital environment, as it is in an offline scenario. But in order to do this, it is very important to know what kind of traffic spikes our infrastructure is capable to support. Being able to simulate up to 10 Million requests per Minute from 15 concurrent regions around the globe, is an important feature for doing this.

Also, a scalable infrastructure translates in more customers, and performance tests will help us setup the most optimum infrastructure for any traffic scenario possible.

Use Case 3: Cyber Attack Simulation

Rungutan is useful for simulating denial of service scenarios. Working with so many clients, means we must guarantee our infrastructure is stable and secure. Therefore, a Load Testing platform that is able to setup and simulate complex DDoS attacks, while offering real-time reports, could bring us added value. By doing this, we will be able to monitor the effects of complex physical and cyber-attacks on our infrastructure and to automate the processes for mitigating such attacks in order to achieve better resilience.

Do you agree we could really use a service to optimize our man-hours spent on Performance Testing?

I’m confident this new tool would bring added value to our workflow in the Performance Testing team and I’m willing to showcase my experience using Rungutan platform in the next stand-up meeting.

Also, I already discussed with the Rungutan Tech Support and they are available for a Live Demo at our convenience.

Really curious hearing your opinion on this proposal,


[Your Name]