// Be the best Load Testing Champion in the League

Written December 7, 2020

A few more days till the end of this bizarre year. How are you holding up?

The Rungutan bunch wants to help you have some fun this time of the year, while helping us grow the Load Test community. And what is more fun than a  Load Test Running League?

Yes, this is a Referral Campaign, and Yes, we have prepared some really cool rewards. Check out below what you have to do in order to  gain Rungutan test credits, or a really cool  hoodie package for you and your gang and many more.

How to be a Load Testing Champion and gain awesome rewards along the way:

  1. You must first have a Rungutan account, or to be willing to create one
  2. Go to your Rungutan account at the Billing section. If you do not have a Rungutan account, please create one
  3. Copy the Referral Link that is allocated to your account (find it on Billing page, at the Load Test Running League section)
  4. Use the Referral Link to share the Campaign on social media or to your fellow colleagues
  5. Anyone of your contacts who wants to Sign in for a new Rungutan account should use your Referral Link. In this way, you will be automatically granted 15 Rungutan credits on his Sign in (the equivalent of a Micro Subscription Plan)
  6. Only by using the Referral Link for creating a new account, the new user will make sure you automatically get Rungutan credits for recommending our platform
  7. The new user’s account is granted with a 2-week Free Trial, of course
  8. After the Free Trial, if the new user decides to acquire a Rungutan Subscription Plan, you  will automatically receive a Rungutan branded hoodie package (consisting maximum 5 hoodies, for you and your gang)

You will have time to complete your quest till February 15th 2021, when we will announce de winners of the 5 Rungutan Hoodie Packages, for Load Test Champion teams.

You can find HERE the full Campaign Guide.

Let the games begin!